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Mimba Chic is a platform that inspires mamas-to-be to live their best and most fashionable lives during their pregnancies. We help mamas bring out their beautiful, natural glow with stylish & functional maternity fashion! From helpful tips on the most comfortable maternity basics and maternity casual wear to invest in, to the cutest maternity dresses to wear for special occasions, we provide mamas-to-be with our top recommendations for the best fashion pieces they need in their maternity wardrobes. Who says you can’t be fabulous, fashionable, AND pregnant?

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Mama + Mimba Maternity

Mama + Mimba Maternity is our beloved sister brand, and is a brand that uplifts and empowers mamas-to-be with a bold fashion statement. Our maternity dresses are carefully selected and curated with love to complement a woman's natural glow from within. At Mama + Mimba, we inspire women to feel beautiful during all parts of their motherhood journeys. Thus, all of our dresses can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy! Hooray!

Melissa Mulengwa

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Meet Melissa

Fashionista & Entrepreneur

Melissa Mulengwa is the Owner & Founder of our beautiful platform. As a blossoming entrepreneur and forever fashionista, Melissa created Mimba Chic to inspire mamas-to-be look and feel their absolute best during their pregnancies with stylish & functional maternity fashion. As the Owner & Founder of our beloved sister brand, Mama + Mimba Maternity, Melissa loves all things maternity fashion + style, as well as working with pregnant women. Through both platforms, she hopes to help mamas glow beautifully and fashionably during all parts of their motherhood journeys.